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A Blogging Comeback, of Sorts… June 23, 2014

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As I, (meaning my husband,) have been giving my blog a much needed update, I realized that I had not published a post since March 1, 2011! Yikes, I certainly won’t be winning any blogging awards in the near future, but that ok. I never set out to be an amazing and consistent blogger! I’ve decided to give myself some grace in this area, I’ve been too busy living life to be able to actually sit down and write about it.

Since that last post over 3 years ago some big and not so big, but important “life” stuff has happened.

 *We have moved, not to New York as some of the earlier posts would lead one to believe, but instead about a mile down the road from our old house right here in Michigan. The home was built in 1938 so we have been quite consumed the past year with updating and remodeling.

*After spending several years of job uncertainties, traveling and being gone months at a time, my husband begin a wonderful new job last summer that requires very little travel and is so close to our home he can bike to work. (He loves to ride).

* I have proudly looked on as my oldest son graduated from high school and navigated his way through his freshman year of college.

* I have cheered on my second born through many high school and club soccer games and watched proudly as he has monthly played his guitar and led worship at our church.

* I’ve been kept busy home schooling my two younger sons and helping them to discover their interests.

 *All the while trying to find time to nurture other relationships, participate in many ministries, and try to fit in some speaking when I was able.

I now find myself entering a slightly different season of life. My children are getting older (code for “so am I and they don’t seem to need me as much”), my youngest who has always been home schooled will begin attending traditional school this fall and suddenly I am finding that I actually have more time to devote to speaking for Women’s ministries! I am greatly excited about this!

So, while I probably will not post much on this blog and will use it primarily as a vehicle for my speaking topics and anything else new that I am working on, I will occasionally post some random stuff here. Currently I am working on converting a Bible study that I led this winter to something more web-friendly. I hope that you will check back for that in a few months!


Who Knew? March 1, 2011

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Who knew that there were so many fun “kid” cookbooks available? And I only searched at my library and have not even begun to explore Amazon yet! Sunday I spent the day curled up on the couch after church perusing the cookbooks with the kids and picking out some new dishes to try. Since we already had this week’s menu planned we are looking ahead to next week.

These  are some of the books that I really liked and seemed to have useful recipes for my family’s tastebuds!

Product DetailsThis one has a parmesan pasta I am looking forward to trying and some yummy looking roasted veggies.

Product DetailsWe loved this book especially. Lots of good sandwich, wrap, and pasta ideas. We marked a lot if recipes in this book!

Product DetailsFirst of all, these little girls are precious and funny! We loved this book as well. They also have a fun site with recipes and video demonstrations. Check them out at

Then, right there on the library shelf I was overjoyed to find….(this might require a drumroll…)

Product DetailsI love Nancy Drew! At my parents house I have books 1-about 75, the original series. I treasure these books. They live with my mom and dad though because they have more space for them and, big surprise, my boys have no interest in them. I am now thinking though that they may have to move to New York with me.

This cookbook was a fun trip down memory lane with recipes like “Whistling Bagpipe Crunchies.” Sadly it is no longer in print, but you can buy it used or check your library if you are an Nancy Drew fan like me! Now I am totally in the mood to read some Nancy Drew…


Feeding My Family February 24, 2011

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At MOPS on Friday my dear sweet friend Jennifer, who also happens to be a nutritionist, spoke to us about getting our kids to eat better, how to get them involved in the kitchen and thus maybe take some ownership in the meal and actually eat it, and she talked about menu planning.

Ah, menu planning. Something I have wanted to implement for quite some time and just have never gotten around to it. I know the benefits of it, less stress for me at 3:00 in the afternoon, savings at the grocery store, etc. I do try to think the evening before or at least in the morning what we will have for dinner, but even though I think of it, often I have to run to the store to get just that one ingredient I am lacking for that nights meal.

In my quest to clean out before listing the house, I cleaned the pantry yesterday. There are a lot of foods that I know my family will not eat so I will donate those canned goods. How they even made their way into my pantry is beyond me. Now, Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is bare! So, before I head out to the store later this afternoon, I sat down with some recipe books and this nifty little chart Jen passed out at MOPS and planned my menu for the next week.

You can make your own planner and there are plenty of free printable templates on the web. Already, I am feeling better about mealtime. Thanks Jen! 

PS – When we go to the library later I am going to look for some fun kid’s cookbooks in order to try to get Shae and Niklas involved in the kitchen. I will resort to most anything to get Shae to eat more and better! Even a messy kitchen…


“Mom Card” February 22, 2011

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Around our house we joke about a “mom card.” I suppose it stems from the fact that we are a soccer family and seem to talk a lot about getting a yellow or even worse a “red” card. Glenn, Ryan, and Jason also ref games so they are accustomed to giving out these cards for infractions.

The other night I considered something and then wondered if it would cause me to get my “mom card” revoked. In other words, would doing this make me a horrible, bad mom! The situation is this…I am on a major, and I do mean major mission to clean out and de-clutter our house. The boys call it my “cleaning crusade.” My motto is unless you want to unpack it  and find a place for it in New York, it is not going with us! The movers will pack everything but I am being very judicious in what I want taking up room in our new home!

OK, I just got totally off topic, sorry. Back to the “mom card…” I was clearing out my cedar chest full of things like unused fabric that I had planned to use to quilt, as if I actually knew how to quilt! (It was so cute I could not resist buying it for someday). I also found each one of the boy’s “coming home from the hospital” outfits, my wedding album, and a stack of plates.

Let me explain about these plate. Many moons ago I worked part-time at a local library doing Children’s Story Time. Such a fun job and I could not believe they actually paid me, and very well, to do this totally fun job! Each year the Children’s Department hosted a ” Make- a -Plate” Day where the kids would come and draw on a special piece of paper and the library would send it off to a company and it would return a plate. This program was always a huge hit!

Here are some of the plates that Ryan and Jason made. Over the years Ryan made five plates, Jason made four plates, and I made one for Niklas when I was pregnant with him and then one for his first birthday. Poor Shae, last baby, no plates.Here are a few of them…


In my quest to declutter I thought, “do I really need to keep all eleven of these plates OR can I just take a picture of them to save digitally”? I pondered this for a few hours and then asked my husband. He was not much help. Then I asked Ryan who was mortified that I was even considering getting rid of the plates. I asked him if this would get my “Mom Card” revoked! He said, very loudly, “YES!”  That really made me feel terrible and thought perhaps he was right. If I rid myself of these, I could never get back their scribbled plates and all the ones in between that display the progression of their art skills. So, in the end, the plates will find a new home in New York.


Big News! February 16, 2011

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I have some big news to share! (Most of my “in-person” friends already know this and I was waiting until they all did before sharing it on my blog). We are moving to the Syracuse, New York area in June once the boys finish school here! After being out of work for so very, very long and then being severely underemployed for the past 18 months, Glenn found a job that will be both challenging and rewarding for him, the only catch is the job it almost 8 hours away in New York. I was hoping to move south, not to the snow capital of the USA! (Thus far they have had 142 inches of snow this year! I see a snow blower in our future)!

We are all excited about this move which is somewhat difficult to say when we consider what we will be leaving behind…my parents, wonderful friends, an amazing church family, and a town we really like. (Some of us are overly concerned about leaving our amazing library, but I won’t say who)!

As sad as leaving is, I also see it as a gift. God is giving us a chance to start over, fresh. This is something I am totally embracing! I also see this as a chance to be “still.” To not get involved in so many things and to spend more time as just a family, something that has been missing over the past few years as I often felt we were just running in survival mode. I don’t want that anymore. I want quality time with my husband and kids and time to just “be.”

In fact, my desire is to find a house with lots of land, room for the boys to kick the soccer ball as hard and far as they can without me yelling, “Be careful it doesn’t go over the fence into the neighbors pool.” Which has happened here on more than one occasion. 

Over the holidays the company had us come to New York to check out the area before taking the job. We all erally like the area and we looked at a few houses to get an idea of what the market was like. Here is the “farm” my heart desires. Mind you, I don’t necessarily want any animals to go with the farm, just the barn for nostalgia’s sake! The kids had a ball play in the snow while Glenn and I snooped around the property. Brand new IKEA kitchen in this old farm house!



We will see what happens, it is still on the market but Jason says he CAN NOT live out in the middle of nowhere. He is being a bit dramatic, it really is not at all far from town and this farm has neighbors right across the street and a horse farm a little bit up the road. I will say this though: in our current town we have two Target stores. Out there, in the entire Syracuse metro area, I think there are only four Targets! Glenn sees this as a great way to save money!

So, for now we are concentrating on getting our house decluttered and ready to put on the market. A big job but we are making steady progress. This is a great opportunity to donate no longer needed items and to bless others with them! I will keep you posted on our new adventure!


Quick thought… January 24, 2011

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I was just thinking about how this time last week I could not seem to wrap my mind around the fact that Joanne, a perfectly healthy 38-year-old woman could suffer a massive stroke, when just hours before I had read something she had “tweeted.” It has been beyond bizarre to me as I have reminded myself over and over again that God is always in control and only HE knows what is in front of us.

Fast forward to this morning, waking up and dashing to my computer to see what was happening with Joanne. Last night I went to bed knowing she had opened an eye just a bit and there had been some movement in her arms and legs. For the first time in days I went to her blog excited instead of fearful of what I might find.

Today, news that brought tears of joy to my eyes. Once again I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around this, but today it is for different reasons. Today I am thinking of just how big and good and magnificent our God is and how HE loves us so…

“I will thank you, Lord, with all of my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done. I will be filled with joy because of you. I will sing praises to your name, O Most High.”   -Psalm 9:1-2 (NLT)


God is SO Good!

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This is going to be a quick post, but one that I am so ecstatic to post, Joanne is slowly waking up and moving! I can hardly type this I am so excited. I can’t imagine what her husband and the rest of the family must feel like!

 Please click on the “Praying for Joanne” button on the right to get the full details from Joanne’s blog. Thank you to all of you who have been praying so faithfully for Joanne and her family. Today is a day to lift up our praises to God! Toben has listed some further prayer requests for Joanne as they move forward.

Off to take Jason to the bus stop. It is freezing here and he has a huge project to carry…Have blessed day!



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